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Education, Welfare & Research Foundation’s (EWRF) Johor Bahru

The Education, Welfare & Research Foundation’s (EWRF) Johor Bahru branch was founded in 1988 by a group of working professionals. They focus on providing motivation and self-development programmes,

organising school camps, and improving student proficiency in English.

After celebrating their silver jubilee in 2013, EWRF decided to take their efforts up a notch. They set up an education centre for students from the B40 category. B40 is defined as the Bottom 40% of the income group with a median income of RM3,000. The location for the Kulai Education Centre (KEC) was carefully researched to ensure students would attend the classes without any excuses, as it is situated only 100 metres away from a low-cost housing area. Academic and non-academic classes such as Silambam martial arts, Bharatanatyam classical dance, computer, and speech and drama are offered. However, for students to be eligible to take part in the non-academic classes, their formal school attendance record must be good. EWRF regularly contacts schools to follow-up on a student’s performance and discipline, as truancy is a big problem they face.

Part of the reason why it is difficult for students to attend school is the lack of parental guidance and motivation. Understanding this, EWRF took the initiative to empower parents to play a role in their children’s education. Workshops are designed for parents that touch upon topics such as being role models, time management, communication, and good parenting. As a result, according to Raam, Chairman of EWRF, half of the operations at KEC is now run by parents, the team noticed that discipline issues are decreasing and more students are now interested and invested in their academics.

Winning Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero Awards has motivated EWRF to replicate its successful KEC model. They are now identifying other areas with a high density of B40-category families. They plan to boost parental support towards children’s welfare.

Raam especially thanks pioneers of EWRF Johor who worked hard between 1988 to 2013 to set up the foundation. The team is also grateful to generous donors and assistance from government agencies and strives to work harder for a better future for students.