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Batcy Wong Kam Yoke

Many people think that urban communities are unlike the olden days, where everybody knew everyone. They believe that the feeling of togetherness once felt in the older communities is now long gone.

Batcy Wong, however, begs to differ. She believes that you need to nurture a community and put in a bit of effort to create and maintain a positive residential community.

“Having a close-knit community is good. We want to know our neighbours and the people who live in our neighbourhood. In community living, unity and progress benefits all and we want to set an image to other residential developments because of our location in JB and our proximity with Singapore,” said Batcy.

As a representative of  Taman Kebun Teh Residents Association, Batcy put in a lot of effort in setting up the gated and guarded community in Kebun Teh and assisted other neighbouring residential areas to do the same.

“We started as just a group of residents before our organisation was approved by the ROS. From there, we decided to set up a gated and guarded community for Kebun Teh due to the rising robbery cases in the area. After our success, other residential communities began approaching me to help them as well,” said Batcy.

Many see her as an Iron Lady who can be a little ‘too-frank’. Undoubtedly, Batcy’s persistent perseverance and true dedication is needed to accomplish what she believes in, which is that every residential community should be united to benefit all the residents.