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Doris Wee

Time, beyond the numbers on the clock, is a gift presented to everyone yet is often a luxury for some. As someone who went through an ordeal with breast cancer for 21 years and survived, Doris Wee understands this concept deeply, and uses her precious time to live life to its fullest.

The retired English teacher described being cancer-free as a new lease of life and now makes it her mission to learn something new every week. This mindset shift happened way back in 1999, when Doris, along with five other breast cancer survivors came together to discuss their ‘aches’ and ‘pains’. Talking to fellow breast cancer survivors was a relief as they all understood what the next person was going through. They realised how JB lacked a group support system or a platform for breast cancer survivors to reach out to. That was when the JB Breast Cancer Support Group (BCSG) was formed to provide emotional and psychological support. It was important to Doris that everyone lives in joy and with hope, and to her, that can be achieved through a support system, like the one she has been managing for 21 years.

When Doris wakes up every morning, she feels blessed to live another day. She motivates and supports fellow breast cancer survivors and is also the woman behind breast cancer awareness campaigns and roadshows in JB. When she’s not busy running shows, she leads a simple life of reading, travelling and gardening with her family. At BCSG, she has taken up classes on swimming, yoga, Chinese painting, and has even tried the traditional Malay zapin class that is offered to members. Doris said that she would not have thought of participating in any of these activities if it was not for the support group’s encouragement. She hopes that more breast cancer support groups will open up in the different districts of Johor.

As a breast cancer survivor, Doris lives in the moment and makes plans only for a few months ahead. She understands how every moment is precious and is grateful to be where she is at. She is also thankful to always be able to count on her support group for help.